What is cabinet refacing?


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Cabinet refacing is simply a redesign of the “skins” cabinet — replacing the doors and drawer fronts, and adding a new veneer over the original cabinet body surface (“carcass”). During refacing, hardware — the hinges, handles, and drawer pulls — are usually replaced too. Many businesses specialize in the execution of refacing cabinets. Many businesses specialize in the operation of refacing cabinets. A professional and patient DIYer may also reface the cabinet by purchasing a veneer kit that includes the wood veneers and application materials, and then specially ordered cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Not every company is a suitable candidate to react to. However, this does not mean that these old cabinets are poor candidates, as in many cases older cabinet boxes have a more durable structure than newer factory-manufactured boxes and can embrace new veneers and doors with great success.

Cabinet resurfacing is one of many choices to offer a bit of a facelift to the cabinet in your home.

Cabinet resurfacing, however, is commonly seen as a lesser-quality type of what is known as cabinet refacing. All “resurfacing” and “refacing” include removing door and drawer fronts cabinets, covering the cabinet frames with a veneer, and painting all new doors, drawer fronts, handles, knobs, and hardware. When put simply, the cabinet resurfacing method may seem cut-and-dry but there is still plenty of space involved for error. Wood can break, adhesives can fail, unsuccessfully calculated veneers can clearly leave old cabinet frames, and bad construction can sloppily ruin your cabinetry.

Refacing the cabinet can be a good, cost-saving kitchen remodeling option if the current cabinets are well-constructed and in good condition and if a drastically different look is needed. It’s also a good option where the current kitchen layout is working well. But where the current cabinets have structural issues, or where there is a shortage of equipment in poor condition or internal storage features, it could be easier to add all-new cabinets.

Unless the original cabinet boxes are structurally sound and in good shape, refacing is feasible. Water damage, warping, and damaged frames in cabinets are weak candidates. Particle Board cabinets often need fasteners to ensure the veneer is stable, in addition to adhesives.

Does cabinet refacing look cheap?