What are Dovetail Cabinets?

Have you ever thought of having a dovetail joint for your cabinet? Dovetail joints are used to make your cabinet more secure. With the standard cabinet, nails are used to secure the corners. For dovetail cabinets, the joinery is secured using a series of pins from one side of the board. A series of the tail is also cut on the other side of the board.

The tails and pins used are trapezoidal, which leaves your cabinet safe and robust. Unlike nails, wherewith heavy usage, they come apart; dovetail joints have a long-lasting hold.

Are Dovetail Drawers Worth it?

You might be wondering if the dovetail drawers are worth it. Honestly, they are worth spending your coin. They are high-quality drawers for homeowners. The difference between the dovetail drawers and standard drawers lies in the joint used. Some of the items you have are heavy to keep in the store. At times you even fear if the drawer might come apart.

With the dovetail drawers, the corners are tightly held together. Both sides, top, and bottom are joined together. So, you are saved from the worry of keeping heavy items in your drawer. The joinery plays a critical role in ensuring all the sides of your drawer are joined firmly. Drawers with constant use need to be firm enough.

Below are reasons why you should consider dovetail drawers.

  1. Strong joints

The joints are strong enough to hold and store substantial items. You are saved from the worry of drawers breaking. If your drawer at any point breaks, the force usually is not from the corners. Thus, they are durable. Pulling the joints apart is hard, which makes them durable.

  1. Large gluing area

The measurements used on the joints are enough to hold for long. Enough space is left to give room for pins and nails. The larger the area, the stronger the drawer. Get an expert who understands how to measure pins and tails.

  1. Attractive

The technique of joining the top and bottom parts together leaves your drawer beautiful. So, it offers a nice look on the drawers.

  1. No gluing needed

Once the tails and pins fit quickly, you do not need to use any glue. You require no other fasteners. The interlocks last for a long time.

  1. Interlocking

All the sides are made to interlock, Leaving a firm base. You cannot compare to where you use nails and not long enough to fix both sides.

  1. Mostly Made of wood

They are mainly made from wood instead of PVC. Birchwood is more robust and gives the drawer firm support. The wood is scratch resistant and best for your kitchen cabinets and drawers,

Are Dovetail Joints Better?

Are you still wondering if dovetail joints are better? Apart from being robust, durable, and attractive, it is hard to pull the joints apart. A well-made joint won’t require any glue, and it will fit in the right. You are sure that your items are held safely. There is a sense of security—no need to use any screws. The technique used requires a high level of mastery.

More reasons as to why dovetails are better:

  • the angles make it hard to pull the joints apart
  • They are classy and elegant
  • they are strong enough to hold heavy items in drawers
  • No need to use screws since the pin and tails are enough

What are the Disadvantages of a Dovetail Joint?

Dovetail joints require a different approach when constructing them. Not many people can hack the process. So, it would help if you look for an expert to work on them. An expert in making such joints will be of help. A beginner may find it hard to make the joints.

See the below cons for using them.

  1. Challenging for beginners

Dovetail joints are not efficiently made. You will require someone who understands how to measure the pins and tails. Failure to do that, your cabinets or drawers will lose their hold. Do not go for beginners to help you; look for an expert.

  1. Complex to make

Interlocking the pins and tails is hard to make. Thus, it would help if you had a high level of understanding to achieve the best.

  1. Requires accuracy

Measuring the pins and tails needs a high level of accuracy. You have to be precise on the numbers and points. Otherwise, you may end up making crooked joints.

Key Takeaways

  • Dovetail joints are solid and durable. Though challenging to make, they are attractive. Your substantial items will be stored safely, saving you the worry.
  • The tails and pins used are trapezoidal. They have a long holding that lasts for a long time.
  • Consider making your drawers and cabinets using dovetail joints. Remember to have an expert fix then for you.