Bathroom VanityThe bathroom vanity is one of the essential elements in your bathroom. Not only does it need to stand up against soaps and toiletries, cleansers and makeup without issue but also ward off damage from hot metal tools such as curling irons or straighteners along with long-standing exposure to water/moisture.

It should have strength and durability for this task which are perfect attributes needed on a sturdy workstation like these vanities. However, bathrooms don’t always come pre programmed by nature; that’s why selecting the right kind can mean all sorts of gorgeous styles at various price points depending upon what you want or how much money has been set aside.

Installing a bathroom vanity can be tricky. At the beginning, it might seem like a simple DIY project; if you don’t take the time to do it right, there could be costly consequences. Follow these 10 tips to avoid common mistakes when installing your new bathroom vanity and correctly get your installation done the first time.

#1 Not Considering What Kind of Countertop You Want

The countertop is the number one most important decision you can make when selecting a bathroom vanity. If your cabinets and cabinet countertops don’t match, they will look like two pieces of furniture that weren’t meant for each other. The right kind of countertop can complete the look of your brand-new bathroom vanity. It’s the bathroom vanity part that will be on display, and you want it to look perfect. Selecting a piece that compliments your existing decor or even falls in line with a theme for your bathroom will make the entire space feel more polished and cohesive. If you’re wondering what kind of countertop you should choose, know that there are a few different types from which to pick. The most common countertops for bathroom vanities are:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Solid Surface

Each material has its pros and cons. Granite is super durable but can be hard to clean.

#2 Picking the Wrong Materials

The material that your bathroom vanity is made of can determine everything: their cost, how long they’ll last, what damage and use they can withstand, and even how much value they add to your home. To ensure that you pick the right kind of tools, know your goals from the start.

Do you want a long-lasting vanity that will stand up to high use from kids or teens? Do you want a delicate, beautiful one that will help your home sell faster? Make sure to talk to a designer about your goals and which materials fit into them.

#3 Using The Wrong Instruments

When cutting a hole in the wall for your new vanity, make sure to use either laser level or something similar so that all edges are perfectly vertical and even with each other; otherwise, you’ll see an ugly jagged line once installed. It might seem like not using these tools will save time, but it’s better off having someone who knows what they’re doing do this job instead of trying out amateur skills like yours.

#4 Failing to Measure

A big mistake that homeowners often make when installing a new vanity is failing to measure the space before getting started. This is essential. Measure twice, drill once. Don’t assume your cabinet will fit in an existing hole or through an opening you see elsewhere in the bathroom because you’ll end up with an icky gap that you have to fill before installing. And just because the vanity’s cabinet seems big enough doesn’t mean it’ll fit through the opening without taking down drywall or another wall covering.

You may also consider the height of your bathroom vanity is up to you, but this could lead to an uncomfortable experience. It’s essential for everyone in your family (yes—even dad)to have enough space at their preferred level so they can use everything without feeling cramped or struggling with sitting on a toilet.

#5 Going For The Easiest, Quickest, and Cheapest Way

You may want to consider the long-term cost of your decision. Lower budget items are cheaper in specific ways. Still, they may eventually become more expensive and require additional maintenance or repairs as time goes on without fail. This could lead you to make decisions that will end up costing much more than what was initially intended for when all is said and done!

The worst-case scenario would be if this bathroom cabinet led to less money after the resale value was taken into account? That’s why before deciding based solely on low price alone, consider everything else–think ahead, so it doesn’t come back to haunt us later down the line.

#6 Wrong Color Combination

Deciding on the perfect kitchen countertop is no easy task. You have to consider material, color, and style and what will be put onto it? If your cabinets are in a bathroom where children might stain them with a marker or make messes, choose lighter colors for childproofing reasons. At the same time, darker tones work better if adults only use this space responsibly because food stains don’t show as much against dark surfaces when compared side by side otherwise! Make sure that whatever hue chosen flows well alongside other fixtures such as flooring etc., too–especially since these elements often complement each others’ features quite nicely at first glance.

#7 Using An Untrained Contractor or Attempting To Do It Yourself

There are plenty of reasons why you should leave the bathroom remodeling to a professional. For one, they know what kind of materials will work well and how those components can interact together to look good and feel comfortable when used by others as well!

And don’t forget about safety: improper installation means wires could get cut off/kicked back into place; mold growth from leaky pipes; fungus growing on damp surfaces near our toilets. But there is another reason we do this thankless job – because while all these mistakes add up with time, DIY methods usually turn out worse than anything else, even after spending valuable money!

#8 Not Planning Ahead

One should always plan for commencing essential projects like this. They must think of what materials will be used and where they will be placed within each room without moving any electrical or plumbing fixtures that aren’t intended to be moved unless necessary! It’s also essential to think about small things like which colors will match best with the floor, tile wall accents, etc. It may seem like just something small-time homeowners would forget about, but it could lead up to being much more costly than expected down the road.

#9 Not a Proper Plumbing Work

Putting the plumbing for your sink in the wrong location is also a big mistake. You must have the proper knowledge when installing or upgrading any commode to avoid problems with water flow and drainage, as well as potential structural damage from incorrect use!

Make sure not to use any screws on either side of where you cut out for plumbing pipes because they’ll show through when looking at them from behind (the front).

The supply line should run beneath your deck so that water doesn’t pool and drain slowly into a hole or gutter. This is especially important if there’s no cover over these openings during rainstorms! It may seem like an easy fix – just put some boards down around the exposed areas-but. This can be very expensive in terms of money spent and time lost while waiting around doing nothing else productive!

#10 Ignoring The Size Of the Bathroom Vanity

This is a big mistake many bathroom remodelers make in the heat of the moment! Before going out to purchase a bathroom vanity, know precisely where it will be placed and how much space you have around that area to measure the rest of this furniture accordingly. In other words, do your homework beforehand and don’t make a bad judgment call only to realize later that the cabinet doesn’t fit where you wanted it to go -unless there’s a doorway nearby that can be closed off for a few days if need be.

Bathroom Vanities in Mesa, Arizona

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