BathroomBathrooms are typically the first place people think about when they need to update their home, and with good reason. They’re small enough that you can get in there without completely renovating your entire house at once! Plus, this reduced space means cheaper cost – less flooring or paint, for example, since everything will go down into one room instead of spreading out all over different areas like before.

“But where to start?” you may ask. You certainly want your investment to show, but that can prove difficult with the limited space. With these design tips however, you’ll be able to maximize the amount of impact you have on this smaller room!

Colors Should Be Light & Bright.

A wood floor and vanity give this bathroom a warm, welcoming feel. The mint green color provides a tranquil atmosphere that would fit any spa-like environment while also complementing natural light from the window well enough to make it seem like you’re standing in front of an open field instead!

Of course, this isn’t to say that dark colors don’t have their place in the bathroom. However, if you’re looking for something more accessible on the eyes and tend to favor lighter hues, it’s best to go for a shade other than black or different deep tones, which can seem oppressive when there’s little natural light coming through

Bright, or light colors are also helpful if your bathroom is tiny. When you have little space to work with, adding some contrasting color can help make it seem more expansive.

Install a Wall Mirror

Mirrors are the best way to open up the space visually, but don’t go overboard on them! One or two strategically placed mirrors can go a long way towards making your bathroom seem more considerable while providing a good source of light. Corner mirrors are beneficial for this purpose.

For a bathroom with one window, consider adding mirrors to create an illusion of space. This is the same effect as hanging just one mirror above your vanity. Still, in this instance, you will have multiple views that can be reflected off each other for increased effectiveness at reflecting light and patterning up your tiny room!

Backlit Mirror

After installing the wall mirror or on the bathroom vanity, it is time to light it up. If you need to update the look for your bathroom, this is the perfect way to do it. This can be chic and modern with minimalistic or sophisticated sconce lights in different sizes that are affordable on any budget!

Lighting is key to making small spaces look more prominent. For instance, if a glass door only encloses your shower space, it makes sense to enhance this with lighting that can make the room seem larger than it is. It creates more luxury and style without taking up any existing floor or wall space!

Select A Glass Shower Door

If you already have a shower in your bathroom, try to select one with glass doors. It makes the space seem open and inviting instead of tight and constricting, which is especially important if you’re working with little space!

Glass doors can also act as mirrors for your home since they reflect light just like regular mirrors do. This, combined with the light shining in from your shower head, will create an open, airy feel even if you only have one corner of visible bathroom space at first glance.

Take Care of Bathroom Ventilation

To keep your bathroom from becoming a deathtrap, all ventilation is necessary. In the form of either an exhaust fan or properly sized window and for residential homes and public buildings such as schools, regulations about how much air comes out into each room per minute must be met by code. To ensure the best air quality in your home, make sure you have a ceiling fan installed in each bathroom.

Select a Glass Shower Door

The small bathroom is not the only space that can be tough. Consider scrapping curtains all together if starting from scratch, because they don’t offer much in terms of function or style. Also, make sure to include glass shower doors, so users get maximum visibility while still feeling comfortable.

The glass shower door will do a great job of preserving the illusion in a cramped bathroom. If you’re in a rental, it’s best to go with a cheaper plastic door because if you end up in a bigger apartment down the road, you can always switch out one for the other later on when it comes time to repaint and redo the bathroom in some way. Just make sure the door is thick enough to be made of glass.

Select Compact Components

A small bathroom can feel too confining with hulking vanities and blocky tubs. Consider installing toilets with compact bathroom sinks, or floating versions that open up the space without taking up valuable real estate in your home! If you must have a bath, look into Japanese soaking baths, which are more serene than typical Western-style showers while still giving privacy due to their deep seating bowls.

Install Wall Cabinets

Even in a bathroom with no storage space, you can make some headway by adding wall cabinets to the walls. At a minimum, pick up some inexpensive wire shelves that you can fill with essentials like shampoo bottles while sprucing them up with some patterned paper or fabric underneath. This makes them look more decorative than industrial, and they will free up some more shelf space in your bathroom cabinets!

Plants Are an Excellent Way To Add Color To the Bathroom.

Even if you don’t have a windowsill, you can always add some plants to your bathroom. You might want to choose the kinds that don’t require much watering, such as cacti or succulents. If keeping both of these is too difficult because you’re not home often enough and forgetful about whether they need water, we recommend going with air plants. They’re majestic and fill out a shelf space nicely, and they require almost no maintenance at all!

Choose the Perfect Flooring

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, but that doesn’t mean you want flooring for it. The material should withstand daily use and cleaning with ease to not fade or wear out quickly. Solid wood bathroom flooring may seem attractive at first due to how many characters they bring into any space; however, these same qualities make them difficult on wet feet when taking showers, which may cause accidents!

Vinyl flooring is the most durable option that also comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to liven things up. This way, you can make your bathroom look like one of an elegant hotel, but without having to sacrifice comfort or safety for beauty.

Bathroom tiles can be a stylish and functional choice, but you want to make sure they’re non-slip. With the amount of water getting tracked all over bathroom floors throughout the day, slipping and injuring yourself is no laughing matter!

Bathroom Cabinet & Vanities

If you have a bathroom with little storage space, consider adding a few bathroom cabinets and vanities to the walls. You can go for more ornate cabinets if they match the overall style of your home, but make sure to get ones with a semi-gloss finish, so they’re easy to clean and care for! Cabinets are always helpful when it comes to storing small bathroom items.

Lighting Is Important

If you want to add mood and luxury, consider installing dimmer switches in your bathroom. They can be used for late-night relaxing baths or even just after applying makeup before bedtime.

Adding lighting is always a good idea, but what about when we think of light as an essential part that creates atmosphere? The perfect solution would then definitely include using something like sconces around mirrors. Hence, there’s never too much brightness coming from one source, such as overhead lights, only adding more strain on tired eyesight later down the line!

Hang More Items

A bathroom without a countertop is like an island in the middle of your house. You can create that look by adding hooks and another surface area to make it feel more welcoming, but you’ll want some variety, too, since there’s not much natural light coming through those doors! Take up space with baskets or shelves for storage; place them on either side as backsplashes above cabinets or use decorative tiles; put tiresome items, such as old bathrobes on pulleys, so they’re always within reach when needed.

Hanging pendant lamps anywhere in the bathroom is a great way to achieve that elegant look. They’re versatile, and they can even be used with a dimmer switch, so you always have the right amount of light coming from them! Just make sure not to add too many bulbs in any one fixture, since overloading on lighting or putting them too close to moisture (such as a steamy shower) can cause them to explode and leave you with other bathroom problems.

Keep The Lower Section Of The Wall Secured.

A bathroom is a place that gets wet regularly. There are two things you can do, though, for protection against water damage and an antique-inspired look that will be so easy! If your walls aren’t up enough – or not at all, consider adding some beadboard style panels in between them with tiles on top, creating a lovely serenity where standard drywall wasn’t enough. This also means installing these boards crookedly because no law says how straight they have to be anyway but try hard not to mix up too much while doing it!

If you do have a finished wall up, make sure to install molding around the top of it. This will give your bathroom a classic feel with an added touch of elegance! If there’s no crown molding in place, now is the time to add it before grime and dust take over. Cabinet stores tend to offer these in a wide variety of styles and finishes to suit any bathroom. Cabinet stores also carry an extensive range of towels with different colors, patterns, and sizes.

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