Bathroom VanitiesBathroom vanities are one of the key pieces of furniture in any bathroom. They provide storage and a surface on which to primp. As with so many other things, vanities are subject to trends, and there are some new trends worth looking at for those who may be in the market for a vanity soon. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the latest trends in bathroom vanities and discuss what they offer homeowners. 

#1. Updated Sinks & Faucets

According to the Houzz 2021 bath trends survey, faucets were the most requested bath upgrade. On the other hand, Sinks are seeing more switch-outs than the previous year. Over the past two years, there has been a greater emphasis on washing our hands.

A homeowner might choose to install a touchless fixture to make their space cleaner. Although bath fixtures have suffered from supply-chain problems, It is now easier to complete these projects due to the wide range of products.

#2. Organic Style

Organic style is a style that emphasizes natural materials and warm, earthy colors. It has quickly become a popular theme in home design and was ranked third in 2021, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2022 Design Trends report. This style will continue to be popular in bath designs, particularly those connected to the natural world.

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, skylights are becoming more popular as a source of natural light. Houzz data also shows that homeowners are adding plants to their bathrooms. Bathrooms will be filled with earthy greens and watery colors, but the NKBA suggests monochromatic rather than bold, contrasting colors.

#3. Multipurpose Storage

Many are looking for more functional spaces and are rethinking their homes. Access to storage is a significant motivator. Homebuyers are increasingly looking for linen closets in their primary bathroom, according to the NAHB. According to the NKBA report, bathroom layouts will open over the next three years to include dressing rooms, closets, and laundry rooms.

#4. Modern Touch

A fun and modern light fixture can bring a sense of surprise to your space. According to Stacy Garcia (founder of the Twitter chat KBtribechat), modern accents will dominate a bathroom’s design in 2022 regardless of its overall design. She says that modern accents are becoming more popular in bathrooms and kitchens today, even though they often have a personal mix of elements. These are easier to clean and have a cleaner look due to the minimalist lines of contemporary design. Garcia believes the modern design will influence vanity designs.

#5. Make It Smart

Smart toilets and touchless faucets are becoming more popular. Technology is being integrated into bathrooms to increase comfort and efficiency. NKBA’s top 2022 bath technology trends include digital, wall-mounted interfaces, and mobile apps.

Bath ventilation upgrades are also popular for 2022. Popular investments are the steam- and humidity-sensing exhaust fans. These fans work without the user needing to turn them on or off. They can replace older ventilation effectively and sustainably. You can also use smaller-scale connected products such as scales or mirrors in the bath.

#6. Improve The Lighting

Houzz reports that 82% of homeowners plan to upgrade their light fixtures to have a brighter bathroom. According to Greg Martin (creative director of design at Kichler Lighting), gold and black are still stylish accents. He says the white glass is also gaining popularity as we move away from the old Edison filament bulb. Martin sees vanity mirrors that are self-lit as a popular option for brightening baths by 2022. The NKBA report reveals a clear trend towards LED lighting.

#7. Upgrade The Design

Many of these design trends are linked to universal design principles. Homeowners are becoming more aware of the adaptations needed in their homes as inclusive design becomes mainstream. This is why many bathroom renovations include them. Houzz found that over half of all bathroom renovations were done to meet the needs of people with disabilities or aging families. The NKBA also lists universal design as a major factor influencing bath design for 2022.

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