Is it wiser to repair your kitchen cabinets than buying a new one?


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If you are doing a quick kitchen spruce-up or a full renovation, one of the toughest choices you’ll make is choosing what to do with your cabinets. Homeowners have two main choices including redesigning or installing kitchen cabinets. Each task will greatly enhance the kitchen design and quality.

However, not all can afford to buy all new cabinets. Refacing is usually about replacing the cabinet’s outer layers with new veneers, moldings, and hardware. If your current cabinets are solid wood they may also improve their design by repainting or refinishing them with new paint or stain color. You may also be offered the choice of replacing doors, drawers, and front and side panels with a cabinet refacing or refinishing company. Refacing will offer up a unique design at a far lower cost to a kitchen than installing all-new cabinets. Cabinet refacing will save up to half on replacement costs.

Refacing or refinishing the kitchen cabinet has its positive effects on homeowners. First, it can cost about 60 percent less than replacing all the cabinets so it reduces costs. Second, there is no need to demolish cabinets, which also means less possible harm to walls and, last but not the least, it only takes several days to finish.

What should be considered before deciding to repair the cabinets?

Price-out would look better and better to upgrade your kitchen cabinets and paint. Usually, the cost of painting a kitchen is 1/3 to 1⁄2 the cost of repairing. The paints added to the cabinets are also very durable, and in most cases can last as long as new cabinets. If your cabinet project is being done by a professional paint company, which has a lot of experience with woodwork, you would be surprised how fantastic the final product will look.

Approximately half of the overall kitchen renovation expenditure can indeed be taken up by new cabinets, and efficient cabinets can make the difference between a functioning kitchen and one that does not. Aside from considering your budget, consider also the quality of your existing cabinets. Is it robust in structure? Is the damage beyond repair? If not, then it would be more practical if you will replace it or else, you will suffer greater damages which will result in more expenses. Be mindful also that installing new cabinets can be a task somewhat longer and complicated than refacing. Throughout the task, your access to and the use of the kitchen may also be fairly limited.

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