Catch a Performance of The Duttons at the Dutton Family Theater in Mesa, AZ


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The Dutton Family Theater Mesa

Join the Duttons in the Valley of the Sun every winter season for much more of the Dutton Experience! The Duttons move their whole show, many stage sets, and all three generations of Duttons out West to carry on the experience in pleasant Mesa, Arizona. The Duttons first brought their show to Sunny, AZ in the winter of 2005, and have made it their long-term winter residence ever since. In 2010, the Duttons partnered with East Valley High School in Mesa to restore and upgrade their amphitheater. Come experience the new cutting edge lights as well as audios, comfy seats, sizable entrance hall, and delectable present shop.

The Duttons are international touring as well as recording artists that play everything from bluegrass to classical in their programs, highlighting a variety of instruments: violin, guitar, bass, viola, banjo, mandolin, keyboard, harmonica as well as drums among others. The Duttons have not only won acknowledgment in national fiddling contests, and also as studio musicians but have actually also garnered praise and also awards in classical violin competitions.

The Duttons are a family of 3 generations of musical entertainers. Devoted to family members ideal, top-quality entertainment, The Duttons are dedicated to the pursuit of quality in their musicianship, as well as their businesses. Apart from their primary business, The Dutton Family Theater, found in live music capital Branson, Missouri, The Duttons are the honored proprietors of numerous other successful businesses consisting of The Dutton Inn and Abby’s Tourist Trap “Your One-Stop Souvenir Shop”.

They also handle The Dutton Theater, Mesa Arizona throughout the winter months, tour extensively with their music show, and also are included on several national and also global television specials. Their most recent venture, “The Duttons Through the Years” is a regular series on RFD-TV that covers the thirty-year career of the family along with featuring several of their most recent recordings and music videos. Whether on television or live on stage, The Duttons are the first choice for a night of excellent enjoyment.

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