Does cabinet refacing look cheap?


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If you want to refresh and enhance your kitchen’s look without the high costs of purchasing and installing new cabinets, then cabinet refacing or refinishing is certainly an easier, less costly solution. Refacing (or resurfacing) the cabinet consists of replacing the existing doors and drawer faces with brand new doors and drawer faces. The cabinets are either veneered and polished to match the new materials, or painted.

When considering options for your kitchen remodel the advantages and disadvantages of cabinet refacing should be carefully considered. If your existing kitchen layout suits your needs, the refacing is fine. Refacing is a green solution for remodeling. Refacing removes cabinet boxes away from the dump — a major benefit considering that many cabinet boxes are made of MDF, which contains a dangerous chemical called formaldehyde. It also prevents further cutting of trees to create new cabinet boxes.

Refacing preserves the style of the kitchen.

Use quality hardware to complete the stunning new look your cabinets have just been given to finish the transformation of your cabinets. With the high-end look and feel of the room you’ve always dreamed of, your home or commercial room will be fully transformed in a matter of just days. Not only can you benefit from saving time, but you can also appreciate the pace of our renovation — upgrading your cabinets in a matter of days, not weeks — while still saving money, against the average cost of full new cabinets.

So although refacing just changes your cabinetry’s look, replacement opens the possibility of radically altering your kitchen’s layout and functionality. You could easily move new cabinets further into space left by the old collection, to be sure. Homeowners usually opting for replacement do so for purposes that go beyond aesthetics. The more changes you expect to make, the more the project appears larger and more complex. Renovation often involves the orchestration of a series of separate but related undertakings, especially in the kitchen, where so many components fit tightly together.

For the full refacing, the owner will be pleased with a kitchen that looks fresh and new but costs only half that of installing all-new cabinets.

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