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High-Quality Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities in Mesa, Arizona

If you’re looking for the best-rated bathroom cabinets and bathroom vanities in Mesa, Arizona, then look no further than Cabinets 4 Less. We offer only the best quality of products from our showroom and have been doing business in the Valley for more than 20 years. Our customers come first, and we never stop trying to improve your experience with us. As a result, we have a vast selection of beautiful bath cabinets & vanities that will please any taste. From sleek modern styles to retro and rustic, there is something for everyone!

The Difference Between Cabinets and Vanities

Vanities are taller, have more storage space, and typically come with a countertop. Bathroom cabinets or cabinet sets usually hang on the wall like shelving units. They can be used as an alternative to vanities in small bathrooms where there isn’t enough room for both. Bathroom vanities will always come with some sink, while bathroom cabinets do not include sinks at all. However, they may attach easily to existing plumbing connections near your toilet.

The Finest Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities in the Valley

In the world of home remodeling, there are few things as important as your bathroom. Your bathroom is where you get ready for work in the morning; it’s where you clean up after a long day at work or play. It can also be a haven to escape from reality when life gets too stressful. When remodeling your bathroom, make sure that you do not overlook the quality of your cabinets and vanities.

Cabinets 4 Less offers different styles of bath cabinets and vanities. Our wide variety of products includes stylish designs, colors, and materials to fit your needs. In addition, we provide custom-built cabinetry that can be designed to suit the space you have available in your home. All our work is completed by highly skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to building a quality product that will last for years, so you don’t need to worry about going through this project again anytime soon! 

Customized Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities in Mesa

At Cabinets 4 Less, we understand how important it is to get the perfect bathroom vanities for your home. With years of experience in design and manufacturing, you can rest assured that no detail will be overlooked when creating your personalized cabinetry. We offer a variety of different materials, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style preferences as well! Bathroom cabinets and vanities come in all shapes and sizes for whatever space may be available. They are also customizable by size, with endless combinations available to suit any need. So you’ll never have to worry about not having enough room again!

We’ve been designing custom-made cabinets and vanities for decades in Mesa, and our experts know exactly what’s needed for both residential remodeling jobs or commercial construction projects. We also offer free consultations to help you find the right cabinet or vanity that matches your needs without breaking the bank!

We Have the Best Quality for Less. Guaranteed.

Cabinets 4 Less in Mesa, AZ, offers a wide range of bathroom cabinets and vanities for your home. Not only do we offer the products you need, but we also provide our clients a fantastic customer service experience. We are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for years. Whether it is online or at one of our showroom locations throughout Arizona, we provide customers with great deals on high-quality cabinetry that will last for years to come!


Our bathroom cabinets and vanities come in many styles and designs. Do you want a vanity with just one sink or maybe two sinks? Cabinets 4 Less has a selection for every style and budget. Our bathroom vanities are available in designs such as traditional, contemporary, modern, transitional, sleek, rustic, and more! We even have a selection of antique-style cabinets for you to choose from, so there is something for everybody’s taste. No matter your design preference, we have something made of quality material that will look great in your home.

Our door-style options include hinged doors on the front (or side) or “barn” styled doors that open at an angle with hinges to either side. Some cabinet models also offer adjustable shelves inside, so your storage space is flexible. We recommend adding these features when it comes time to order. Our design team will be happy to help with this after they’ve seen what you need out of your custom cabinetry and vanity unit(s). In addition, you can add one or more drawers outside the bathroom area as well as pullout shelving.


Cabinets 4 Less provides bathroom cabinets and vanities in all types of materials, including solid wood, plywood, MDF, and PVC options.

Solid Wood: Our solid wood cabinets and vanities are made from natural hardwood, not composite wood products. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, finishes, hardware selections (knobs or handles), and woods like oak, cherry, or maple. Solid wood is also very durable, which means you’ll have less wear and tear on your cabinet.

Plywood: Our plywood cabinets snd vanities are affordable yet still stylish choices for storage solutions that will last years to come. It’s durable enough to stand up against the spills that will inevitably happen if you have young kids or pets in your home.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard): MDF is a good option for both bathrooms that need to be small or large. Our MDF cabinets and vanities will not warp from humidity, so they make a perfect choice in humid climates. 

PVC: Our PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) cabinets and vanities are made from a durable plastic material that is fire-retardant, which makes them ideal for bathrooms. The durability also means they won’t need much maintenance over time. Hence, you spend less on repairs because their lifespan lasts longer.


Cabinets 4 Less has a selection of colors you can choose from when ordering your new vanity or cabinet to match the color scheme in your home. We offer a wide array of colors for your cabinets and vanities like white, light gray, charcoal, and black, to name a few. We also carry unique shades of blue, gray, antique white, beige, and more.

Choose from any one of our standard paint finish colors, but don’t worry if they’re not exactly what you wanted because we also have the option for customers to purchase their own individualized hardware finishes with which to customize their cabinets!


One of the most common concerns about ordering cabinets and vanities is finding one that not only fits but also finds a size that meets your needs. We offer both standard sizes as well as custom-sized pieces so you can order with confidence, knowing we’ll have what you need!

Bathroom cabinets and vanities sizes vary according to the space available. Our cabinets are available in different sizes as well, such as 24″ deep units to 72″ long ones, which gives you a lot of choices when picking which one is perfect for you. They are typically installed at eye level but can also be installed waist-high for easier access or in the corner of your bathroom, where they will not take up as much valuable floor space. 

Dimensions and measurements – including height, width, depth – are essential when building custom cabinets that fit into specific spaces, so it’s best to measure before you come down! We offer free estimates on this service with one of our qualified designers after we’ve seen what’s needed for your project.


Cabinet and vanity installation is no small task, which is why our certified installers are here for you with expert and professional craftsmanship to ensure a perfect fit every time! We do all the work, from bringing in materials right through clearing out any debris left behind. In addition, our products are handled with care when delivered, so there’s less likelihood of damage during transport, meaning more peace of mind for you when it comes to installation.

One-Stop Shopping for Your Bathroom Needs in Arizona

The Cabinets 4 Less team strives to provide excellent customer service by assisting with design ideas and quotes. In addition, we are happy to answer any questions that arise during your projects. Whether it’s a kitchen or bath upgrade, renovation, or remodeling— we have something for everyone!

If you’re looking for something specific, please contact us at (480) 844-3901 and speak to one of our representatives who will help find what you’re looking for, or stop by at our showroom in Mesa, Arizona, today to see samples in person!

Frequently Asked Questions

Framed cabinets with a thick sealant that prevents moisture from seeping in are the best. Your bathroom is one of the moistest spots in your home and results in mildew buildup if it’s left unchecked. Unfortunately, moisture is also corrosive, so that it will eat away at any material fast. Sealed composite facings provide a durable, moisture-resistant surface that keeps your bathroom looking new for years to come.

Cabinets 4 Less offers the best quality cabinet products for bath vanities. All of our bathroom cabinets are made according to American National Standards Institute. This ensures that you will always enjoy a high-quality product of uncompromising finish and durability.

The perfect modern bathroom vanity is made to match the other fixtures and decor of the room. So, it’s a matter of personal preference. It depends on your décor or period/style in which you want it to fit in with the rest of your room.

That can depend on many factors. Custom bathroom vanity from a high-quality maker will usually cost upwards of $1000. You also need to think about precisely what you want and the quality and consider things like sinks and faucets.

In most cases, bath vanities need backsplashes because water will often splash up as people brush their teeth or wash their hands. Getting everything wet behind the sink on the back wall becomes problematic when not protected by a backsplash.

To fix cabinets to drywall, use wood screws and anchors, but it also depends on the type of cabinets. If they are wood, magnetic or laminate-covered, use a track system that attaches around their edges and fastens them to studs behind the drywall frame at appropriate intervals. If they are metal cabinets, attach cabinet brackets to each side of the cabinet and use screws with anchors to screw them into the drywall where you want the cabinets.

The frequency of remodels can vary from house to house. What matters is the homeowner’s comfort and whether or not they are happy with how they feel when using their bathroom. Your home’s bathroom may be starting to show wear after years or decades of use. Still, a simple update will freshen up your space without doing a major overhaul.

The cause of the smell might not be coming from your under-sink cabinet, and it could be from something outside. However, if it’s coming from inside your sink, try cleaning with white vinegar and water or baking soda.

Both materials are durable and will not be damaged by water. However, quartz is more of a challenge to scratch and can be made to look very sleek, while granite has the advantage of being less expensive. Furthermore, quartz countertops typically require less maintenance and have a much lower risk of cracking when compared with other types of stone slabs.

Mounting hooks, hanging cleats, or mirror adhesive can all be used to hang a vanity mirror. You can have a stunning vanity mirror in your area in no time with the correct hanging hardware and some exact measurements.

Place an adhesive material on top of the chipped wood until it is completely covered in the adhesive. Let it sit for a few minutes while the adhesive hardens before removing the excess with wet fingers and let dry again. After drying, sand everything down so that it’s level. Once your repair is ready, you can paint over it or stain it to make sure that nobody can tell about your little mishap!

If the marble is on a slab that spans the countertop and vanity, be sure to contact your contractor if you wish to replace just the piece of marble. This will eliminate all possibility of the cracked pieces shifting more or shifting with less water in them (which may cause it to crack more). If this is not an option, then you’ll need to patch up your current vanity with silicone sealant, preferably high quality, and re-caulk your seams. You may also consider grouting the cracks as well. However, be cautious when using epoxy because they are very brittle, could shrink or crack over time, and typically don’t last too long before breaking again from humidity changes.

A simple solution is to attach the cabinet to the wall with brackets or a mending plate if you have enough space. Bolt mounts are another option for these thin cabinets that go on top of your sink and rest flush against the wall. They’re mounted with four bolts that secure them from above and below. You can also hang the cabinet from the ceiling with mounting hardware. The installation is a bit more complex and time-consuming, but it’s a much more secure fit because it doesn’t risk potentially damaging your flooring or cabinets if there’s movement in the floors or walls.

The best way to keep your paint from scratching or chipping is to use a clear sealant over it that’s formulated specifically for cabinets and other surfaces. This type of product usually contains waterproofing, mold/mildew protection, rich color pigments and is available in gloss or satin sheens. A number of finishes can protect the paint for up to two years but will eventually need reapplication. Make sure you like the natural shine of the finished product when applying a gloss finish, as there are no other options available once it has dried.

This really depends on where you live in the US. The average cost of refinishing bathroom vanities will be much higher in places with a high cost of living, and it will be a little lower if you live in a cheaper area. When calculating the final cost, the factors that are mainly taken into account are the price per square foot of paintable surface area, labor rates, and the job’s complexity. A professional contractor will usually charge anywhere from $100-$150 USD for an hour of labor, and expenses on top of that will be applied based on materials used.

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