Discover Some of the Biggest Dinosaurs That Ever Lived at Arizona Museum of Natural History


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Arizona Museum of Natural History

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is the premier natural history museum in Arizona. It is devoted to motivating wonder, respect, and understanding of the natural and cultural history of the Southwest. Discover Arizona and the Southwest from the development of the earth 4.5 billion years ago to the present. See the origins of life in the world, meteorites, and minerals.

Situated in the nearby city of Mesa, this kid-friendly museum explores Arizona’s natural and social background with plenty of advanced, interactive, sound-and-light, try-this-on displays. The 80,000 square-foot Arizona Museum of Natural History supplies site visitors a journey to the Southwest’s ancient — and more recent — past. Pan for “gold,” see a territorial prison, dig for dinosaur bones, and inspect the excellent collection of ancient fossils. You can check out 60,000 objects, 10,000 historic images, as well as a series of displays and activities that cover archaeology, paleontology, geology, art, and other disciplines.

In Dinosaur Hall, find a few of the largest dinosaurs that ever lived, and on Dinosaur Mountain see exactly how some appeared and sounded in a natural context. In a Walkthrough Time, discover prehistoric Arizona’s Paleozoic Seas, Triassic Petrified Forest, beasts of the Cretaceous Seas, and the first animals to fly. “Rulers of the Prehistoric Skies”, their newest display, provides the amazing variety of Pterosaurs, the flying reptiles of the Mesozoic. Neither dinosaurs nor birds, Pterosaurs ruled the skies from regarding 225 to 65 million years back.

Even if you’re not living in Mesa, this museum is worth a trip, particularly if your children enjoy dinosaurs. In addition to the multilevel Dinosaur Mountain, there are tons of life-sized casts of the giant beasts plus a touchable apatosaurus thighbone. Various other displays highlight the Southwest’s pre-conquest past, which of the Americas much more extensively, from a primitive Hohokam village to a whole hall on old Mesoamerican cultures. The museum additionally holds special occasions like the monthly Science Before Saturday that concentrates on topics like the science of Star Wars or animation.

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