How to Measure


How to Measure Your Kitchen


To replace existing kitchen cabinets with the same size of cabinets using the same footprint, measure the height and width of each of the cabinets.


To redesign a kitchen, record accurate measurements of the ceiling, walls, doorways, windows, sink, appliances, and other features of the kitchen and apply to the architectural plans accordingly.



1.Measure each individual kitchen wall in INCHES, not feet.

2.Make a rough drawing of the shape of the kitchen on a sheet of paper that includes each wall, door, doorway, window, and protruding or recessed areas. At the top of each side of the paper, record the dimensions of that wall from one end to the other.

How To Measure Cabinets

To insure a great design a measurement of the walls, where the cabinets are going to be placed, must be taken. It is important to measure the full length that the cabinets extend to, not where the countertop ends.


If there is a window, measure how far the edge of the window or window casing is to the corner, as well as the total length and height of the window. If the kitchen does not have a corner to go off, it is still important to get the measurements of the location of the window so that we can determine how it may impact the placement of cabinets.


Ceiling height must be measured to determine the size of upper cabinets going in.


Center measurements of the sink, stove, fridge and any other appliance in the layout are needed.


Additional photos of the current kitchen will help us have a better understanding of the measurements brought in.



Made to measure cabinets